Wednesday, November 16, 2011

whats on my mind??emmm =='

kopisanangan tangah tuong my blog :D..emm things still the same xda perubahan...ari ne sa xda dgr satu berita pun dr dy bha..i wonder whats gonna happen to our relationship, will it meets the end oredy kaine??me oso dont knw..blank my brain ryte now...i dont care anymore,im tired oredy coz there's only been me the one yg hurt the most..while him enjoying himself flirting other girls at facebook...HOW STUPID I AM KN? yah sa sdar jg sa bodoh sab tlampau being patient wif him..sakit hati??huh ! sapa yg tia sakit hati kna buat mcm ne kn ? girlfriend mna yg tia sakit ati lau boyfriend dy buat gne ma dy..ryte now sa sgt2 tersgt2 sakit hati mcm sa maw kc sakit bdn sa spaya sa feel a lot better...but thats was a stupid and foolish things to mc normal lg bha..:')

...mlm ne tdo sorg coz mum here my sist sleep wif her...talking bout my mum, hmmpp everyday i see her and she's getting older each year and im afraid i will loose her like i loose my dad before...i dont have the guts to loose someone that i love the most..i lose one 7 years ago and im afraid i will my mum again...i knw that day will come but at least not now coz im not ready yet..T_T..i become more afraid when my brother in law mum passed away last week and hearing wht my mum told us making me cry...mum i love you so much more than anything in this world im soory if i scold u or being rude to truly sory mum...

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