Friday, April 6, 2012


Dear blog, i am so disappointed with her . she's the person that i've trust for a long time but then she stab my back . How could she . i dont know how to described what i feel right now but one thing for sure im really disappointed with her and damn angry right now . Not only that 'THE OTHER PERSON' also anoying . who do you think you are women . dont you dare judged me like that coz you dont know who i really am . i can be mean when i want to . JANGAN PKR ANDA ITU TERLALU PERFECT TUK LAYAN SAYA MCM NE . Mnta tlg lh ah jan lh berkelakuan seperti anda itu PERFECT like god . Anda takkan ke mana jg 2 dengan perangai anda yg mcm tu . sedar2 lh diri bha . DAMN !