Monday, September 19, 2011


"Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
Where there are clouds in the sky
you'll get by"

please oh please tell me I'll be okay.
because right now I'm not.
I'm just wondering how I could be so stupid.
I'm so sorry..


Ryte now Only Song Can Desribed What I Feel ..:'(..I cant put into words what my feeling felt...ARRGGGHHH ! God HelP me :'(


THis Is for u ~~_

Dem ! im really hurt ryte now ... Words cannot described the way im feeling ryte now..Someone Help Me T_T :'( :'(... I can bare wif this feeling no more...Its so hurt ! God !!

sa blurr ~

Its been a while i didint write on my blog ~ been bz wif scol (kununlh Xp) Emm idk wht to say owh...too much i wanna say but dont know d mna maw start ...Budush punya bnci ne feeling yg sa ada skrg...when will these SHit going to end?? For god sake ! Stop making me suffer here...stop making me jelous OK ! If want to repay for what i've done to you well guess wht its working bha...Got thts lyric stuck on my mind i cant get it out of my mind...

what if everything turn off like the lyric above...what should i do then??plzz hopefully things turn out well..
i admit i love him so fucking damn much ! i cant get him out of my mind...i know i shoudnt do those things to him but hey thats not my fault oso...its not my fault! i throw my ego away just to say im soo sorry to you but you said u needed a tyme...Damn ! Things arent supposed to be like this...i wanna scream so fucking damn much ryte so stressed out ryte my headache wont leave me alone ... tia cukup ngan 2 org satu umah g buat perangai..DEM ! sa buli tahan lg tp lau sa tia tahan sua bla2 masa pun sa ble dont blame me if i explode...pardon me if im being rude to u Gurl but u mad me being rude to you...if u want me to respect u as my older **** u've got to respect M** 1st n try to respect everyone else oso...dont be such a jerk to us...u missed more than a year about us then suddenly u pretend like u know everything but the truth is u know nothing..ur attitude SUCKZ ! change it bha ...AISH ! sa btl2 pns owh maw dkt satu bln sua sa tahan2 saja skt ati + mrh sa...ndk tkluar dr mulut...dem it !