Friday, November 18, 2011

Our 5th m0nth aNniverSarry :'D

Hello again my blog :). Hmmp today is our fifth month anniversary. Lama jg kn kmi been together :). Last nyte i wish him hepy monthniversary, and yes he replied my text by saying hepy monthniversary too but we're still cold.


:'D love u always my bo0 ..

I know he still mad at me. Last Nyte i Dont feel like pujuk him coz i feel so tired last nyte. I just fall sleep without replying his text. Im so tired oredy playing his games. I love him so fucking damn much only god know what i feel about him. He's to busy with his life and he missed the part where he left me hatin on a club. When im hurt he never been by my side. He never listen to my story. If im sick dy x pernah peduli pun. Funny eh. Ahaha. Tpu lah sa lau sa ckp sa tia pduli dy kn? Everyday sa on9 fb but i keep my chat off9 just to see his fb. Whenever i miss him i Looked his fb. Stupid eh? Tell me about it. Huhu. Sa penat bha dy lyn sa mcm ne slalu. My Girlfriend smua ckp mcm you ble sbr dgn perangai dy arh? Sa sndri pun tia taw dr mna sa dpt kekuatan dan kesabaran tuk lyn and tahan ngan perangai dy :). But thats what love is kn we have to be patient and considerate one another. Tp lau sa jak yg mcm 2 xda gna jg kn? Even sa pun pndai penat n Bosan bha kena Buat mcm 2. Guess what my blog dy tgah on9 skrg and dy tgah bkomen ma pompuan. Cant You believe it? SHIT ! Lau btl dy syg sa dy text sa bha kn tnya khbr sa. Ne tdk. Fuck ! IM so pissed off ryte now. If he dont have any feeling for me anymore let me go lh. Jan seksa sa mcm ne. SAKIT ! TAu kh dy apa e2 SAKIT ! SIOT !. ARRRGGGHHHHG!! MCM SA MAW P CARI GDH D FB OWH. Nsb sa mc waras lg owh. SITZZ !! tekanan owh !

Haha betapa sabarnya sa melayan karenah dy. Eiseh !

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