Friday, November 25, 2011

its killing me T_T

hye there my blog :). emm how to start my talking , i fight my bestie a.k.a my gurlfriend the other days, and until now kami masih tia bertegur. i dont know where i went wrong, saya pun blank. huhu. saya tia taw apa salah saya sampai dy tia maw bls text saya. even pick up my call pun she dont want. saya sakit hati sangat saya kna buat gne. sudahlah bf saya sndri buat perangai sekarang. and she's the only one that i need ryte now but she wont even talk to me. GOD ! it hurt so badly owh. macam hati saya kena carik2 ne. no one by my side ryte now. my sist dont even understand what i felt ryte now. i feel like i wanna cry out loud. someone help me here. sapa2 jak lah tolong saya. saya tia taw sapa yang salah between kmi dua. saya blank. sgt blank ryte now. my syg pun xda cne tuk saya maw share. cuz ryte now she's having her holiday at indonesia. saya tia maw kc kusut pikiran dy. saya maw gilak owh skrg. i know my hun is having a hard time there but cant she understand me also? saya pun having a hard time here. len lagi c DIA buat perangai, fame lg. lau dia tia marah kn time 2 dy tia bls mcm 2 bha ma saya. i was just asking. thats all. im not trying to pick a fight with her. but she misunderstood bout me. i even try to call her to make things better but she wont even pick up my call. 


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