Friday, April 6, 2012


Dear blog, i am so disappointed with her . she's the person that i've trust for a long time but then she stab my back . How could she . i dont know how to described what i feel right now but one thing for sure im really disappointed with her and damn angry right now . Not only that 'THE OTHER PERSON' also anoying . who do you think you are women . dont you dare judged me like that coz you dont know who i really am . i can be mean when i want to . JANGAN PKR ANDA ITU TERLALU PERFECT TUK LAYAN SAYA MCM NE . Mnta tlg lh ah jan lh berkelakuan seperti anda itu PERFECT like god . Anda takkan ke mana jg 2 dengan perangai anda yg mcm tu . sedar2 lh diri bha . DAMN !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hey there people, today i got a text from my old besties TT saying that he saw our classmate when we were in form5 with a big TUmmy. And by big tummy i mean pregnant. OMG ! i just cant believe it ne. That gurl was a good gurl but hey what can i say kn. People make mistakes bha, not everyone PERFECT. TT also mentioned to me said that 'her' tummy maybe oredy around 7 to 8 month oredy, wau ! lau mcm 2 maw dekat uda due dy lh 2 kn. ? i wonder sapa lh hubby c ex classmates saya ne arh? But whatever it is i pray for her and her baby safety. Mlm ne xda yg menarik owh. I think yg TT bgtw td jak yg syok ne. Hehe. Emm ==' ari ne saya punya Crush xda text saya Owh. Huhu. Cekewa ne. My phone didint ring ne. Sakit jg lh hati saya. But its ok lh. Hey i'll found someone new jg 2 nnt kn. Mlm ne pun saya mls maw buat homework ne. Sory Sikgu2 yg sa syg. Eiseh ! Haha. Dont know why i feel so lazy tonight ineh. Plus i feel sleepy ne. Maw sleep awl lh ne. :D . Well i guess thats all for tonight.

p/s : Good Nyte Peeps :). Xoxo 

engaged ??? =='

Mat ptg everyone. Apa yang interesting ne ari ah? mcm teda taw.. Owh ya bru sa t'igt ari 2 kn saya punya CRUSH call me at 12.++ sumthing. We've talk for about 2 hours. Well its just a stupid conversation bha. Hehe. Then while we were talking to each other timbul lah PERKARA yg i didint expect he would ask me. We were talking about my engaged sista. Then suddenly he ask me, suddenly ne, its sound like this ' KITA BLA MAW TUNANG'?? SAYA MAW ADA IKATAN MA KO'.  I was in shocked that time didint know whats on my mind either im happy or sad, my feeling back then was all mixed up and he sounded serious back then, not sign of joking at all.  Hahah. But one thing for sure I DIDINT WAnt to engaged so soon, at least not when im still 19. Emm hello ! the world still want me to be single :D. Hehehe. Plus im not ready to be someone FIANCE =.=  And i just ended the conversation without answering his question. Sory my crush O.o <3 :D


Saturday, February 11, 2012

feelin' hepy this monink :D..

morning. I had a crush on this person who always texted me every nyte. :D.. He always ask me how's my life been everyday. I just talk to him just now. We talk on the phone for about two hour until his phone low bat :D. I feel hepy ne after dgr his voice. There's this words he said to me just now, saya suka ne dengar dy ckp tu ayat. Haha. Sataga ! mengete sua saya owh. Pagi2 mcm ne saya senyum2 saturang di bilik. Punya pelik saya rasa. Haha. Apa pun i love hear his voice just now. Sataga ! pa lg sa mengarut ne its already 2.23 am and i still woke sitting in front of my lappy updated my blog. Well i guess i need to sleep now mata saya pun maw kecil sua tlampau sleepy. :) GTg people. Bubyee :D

wau !

Hehe. wau ! i just cant believe owh i've been single for almost 2 months now. :D 


muka buruk sa ne mlm..hahah

Smile ???

hye there its been a while i didint write one my blog owh. There's a lot of things i wanted to share wif u guys but i been bz lately wif school activities. FYI its my last years for being a senior at SMK GUNSANAD this year, so i think im gonna enjoy with my friend this year. :D. Enjoy pun enjoy juga lah tp stdy jan kasi lupa. Hehehe. Owh i almost forgot, selama 1 bulan lebih masuk scol saya rasa saya banyak bgylak wif my girlfriend ne. Hahaha. So many stupid things me and my girlfriend done. What i like about them is when we hurt we always been there for each other eventhough there a tymes when we angry at each other tapi itu bukan menjadi penghalang tuk kmi jd lebih rapat lg. Hehehe. 

 hehe. This is Jesh. she's cute ryte?
dy ne a bit ganas tp dlm dy ganas ne hati dy baik taw. :)

This one plak Tracy. Ne urg plg relaks.
bkwn ma dy mang ble jd gylak. Hehe

 this one c pyda. I've been friend wif her since form 2 g :D. 
ne org slalu jaga saya. She is like my big sist but the fact is im older  then her. Haha
Last but not least pyka. We've been friend for 4 years oredy. Eventhough we far from each other now
but thats not a reason for us not to contact each other ryte? :D  
Hehe. Santik kn dorg. Ne lh girlfriend-girlfriend saya. They're the best and The BooM ! :D MaY this year become a wonderful year for the 5 of us. God bless us this year and hopefully we achieved our goal this year. Amen. 

p/s : hey girlfriend, i love u guys. Im sorry if i ever being rude towards you guys  and im sorry if there's a tyme i havent been there for u guys:) .. xoxo 

Monday, January 2, 2012

its over now..

hey there my blog :)..its been a while ryte..hehe..emm how to start? Im single now blog..shocked ryte?? even me pun shock ne ! not me yg maw break but him..alasan yg dy bg sgt tia munasabah ne..STUPID PUNYA JANTAN SIAL !..skrg dy enjoy lh sab dy ada gf bru..he broke up wif me coz he has a new sua agak bha 2 blog tp stupid jg sa maw trust dy tia taw apa feel sa skrg bha blog..for a week sa kc deactivated fb mc xda perubahan mc berharap dy contact sa blk kh?? sedangkn skrg dy sedang berseronok wif her new gf..n im here suffering coz of him..even mcm mna sa pretend sa strong dpn family n rakan2 sa pun tp dlm hati hanya tuhan jak yg taw apa yg sa rsa..huhu..i hate him for doing this to me..last year was really a suck years for me bha..dua kali kena break ne sa..huhu..n smua pun tyme2 bufday sa sua ne...but i believe in karma n i believe that what goes aroung comes around:) pecaya tuhan e2 maha adil n pasti ada hikmah d sebalik kjadian smua ne..:D