Saturday, August 20, 2011

~ AgAiN ~ o.O

woke up at 6.30 this morning.Went to church with my brother at apin2. My body was inside the church but my
mind was thinking bout something else. August is about to end and september is just around the corner. Only 
one week left then its Raya. HUH ! What should i do this raya? Got nothing on my mind. My sist plan to go to KUDAt but im not sure if we're going plus i dont feel like going there. Im not ready to meet HIM. Talking bout HIM, guess what?? HUH ! we fight again and this time its big. I dont know if i can keep up with this anymore. Im so damn tired oredy. Im not trying to put the blame on him. This time i think we both wrong. Paham2 jak lh lau long distance relationship ne. No trustworthy plus Jelousy is everywhere.-.- . I admit it i got jelous towards HIM , but hey! jelousy means you love HIM ryte?? Am i ryte?? T_T. Do i love him ?? I dont even know wether i love HIM or not. Sometimes i feel like my love was one sided love only. Damn ! i still remember THose words. The word he told me. Bikin Sakit Hati !  The words STUCK on my mind. My GOd its so fucking damn Hurt. T_T. eventhough SAKIT tp sa try jg be strong. Hehehe. I know i can do it. EISEH ! Hahahaha. Mcm lagu Fergie ( Big Gurlz Dont CRy ) Kan, kan, kan.. HEhehe

well i guess thats all 4 now gtg XD...
bubyee alll...

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