Saturday, August 6, 2011

someone help me!!

Anyone help me!!..i cant deal wif this anymore...its really hurt not strong enough to deal wif tiz...IM NOT A STRONG PERSON !! U KNOW just a human who make mistake, knows the meaning of hurt...i know im not perfect but hey no one perfect in this world...u know that dont u...if u really CHEAT on me plizz tell me i wont trima dgn ati yg tbuka jg :)...just dont hide it from me....plizz tell me early...i wont blame u 4 that...cuz i know im not a good gf 2 plizz im begging u dont hide it from me...tulung sapa ble tulung sa??sa btl2 tia tahan sua gne bha...:'( :'( :'(  :'(

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