Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smile ???

hye there its been a while i didint write one my blog owh. There's a lot of things i wanted to share wif u guys but i been bz lately wif school activities. FYI its my last years for being a senior at SMK GUNSANAD this year, so i think im gonna enjoy with my friend this year. :D. Enjoy pun enjoy juga lah tp stdy jan kasi lupa. Hehehe. Owh i almost forgot, selama 1 bulan lebih masuk scol saya rasa saya banyak bgylak wif my girlfriend ne. Hahaha. So many stupid things me and my girlfriend done. What i like about them is when we hurt we always been there for each other eventhough there a tymes when we angry at each other tapi itu bukan menjadi penghalang tuk kmi jd lebih rapat lg. Hehehe. 

 hehe. This is Jesh. she's cute ryte?
dy ne a bit ganas tp dlm dy ganas ne hati dy baik taw. :)

This one plak Tracy. Ne urg plg relaks.
bkwn ma dy mang ble jd gylak. Hehe

 this one c pyda. I've been friend wif her since form 2 g :D. 
ne org slalu jaga saya. She is like my big sist but the fact is im older  then her. Haha
Last but not least pyka. We've been friend for 4 years oredy. Eventhough we far from each other now
but thats not a reason for us not to contact each other ryte? :D  
Hehe. Santik kn dorg. Ne lh girlfriend-girlfriend saya. They're the best and The BooM ! :D MaY this year become a wonderful year for the 5 of us. God bless us this year and hopefully we achieved our goal this year. Amen. 

p/s : hey girlfriend, i love u guys. Im sorry if i ever being rude towards you guys  and im sorry if there's a tyme i havent been there for u guys:) .. xoxo 

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