Tuesday, February 14, 2012

engaged ??? =='

Mat ptg everyone. Apa yang interesting ne ari ah? mcm teda taw.. Owh ya bru sa t'igt ari 2 kn saya punya CRUSH call me at 12.++ sumthing. We've talk for about 2 hours. Well its just a stupid conversation bha. Hehe. Then while we were talking to each other timbul lah PERKARA yg i didint expect he would ask me. We were talking about my engaged sista. Then suddenly he ask me, suddenly ne, its sound like this ' KITA BLA MAW TUNANG'?? SAYA MAW ADA IKATAN MA KO'.  I was in shocked that time didint know whats on my mind either im happy or sad, my feeling back then was all mixed up and he sounded serious back then, not sign of joking at all.  Hahah. But one thing for sure I DIDINT WAnt to engaged so soon, at least not when im still 19. Emm hello ! the world still want me to be single :D. Hehehe. Plus im not ready to be someone FIANCE =.=  And i just ended the conversation without answering his question. Sory my crush O.o <3 :D


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