Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hey there people, today i got a text from my old besties TT saying that he saw our classmate when we were in form5 with a big TUmmy. And by big tummy i mean pregnant. OMG ! i just cant believe it ne. That gurl was a good gurl but hey what can i say kn. People make mistakes bha, not everyone PERFECT. TT also mentioned to me said that 'her' tummy maybe oredy around 7 to 8 month oredy, wau ! lau mcm 2 maw dekat uda due dy lh 2 kn. ? i wonder sapa lh hubby c ex classmates saya ne arh? But whatever it is i pray for her and her baby safety. Mlm ne xda yg menarik owh. I think yg TT bgtw td jak yg syok ne. Hehe. Emm ==' ari ne saya punya Crush xda text saya Owh. Huhu. Cekewa ne. My phone didint ring ne. Sakit jg lh hati saya. But its ok lh. Hey i'll found someone new jg 2 nnt kn. Mlm ne pun saya mls maw buat homework ne. Sory Sikgu2 yg sa syg. Eiseh ! Haha. Dont know why i feel so lazy tonight ineh. Plus i feel sleepy ne. Maw sleep awl lh ne. :D . Well i guess thats all for tonight.

p/s : Good Nyte Peeps :). Xoxo 

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