Saturday, February 11, 2012

feelin' hepy this monink :D..

morning. I had a crush on this person who always texted me every nyte. :D.. He always ask me how's my life been everyday. I just talk to him just now. We talk on the phone for about two hour until his phone low bat :D. I feel hepy ne after dgr his voice. There's this words he said to me just now, saya suka ne dengar dy ckp tu ayat. Haha. Sataga ! mengete sua saya owh. Pagi2 mcm ne saya senyum2 saturang di bilik. Punya pelik saya rasa. Haha. Apa pun i love hear his voice just now. Sataga ! pa lg sa mengarut ne its already 2.23 am and i still woke sitting in front of my lappy updated my blog. Well i guess i need to sleep now mata saya pun maw kecil sua tlampau sleepy. :) GTg people. Bubyee :D

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